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Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World, today video is more for the USA market and Canada, so if you are from other sides of the world, I'm sorry this video is not for you, so you can stop looking here.


So, for those who are staying and you are from USA or Canada, we want to try a new way of selling in America and Canada. A couple of weeks ago we had Greg coming over, Greg Cantori, I think I pronounce his name correctly and we talked a lot, it was really pleasant to talk with Greg and we were thinking how could we make sure that more people enjoy velomobiles in USA and yeah, he left and I was thinking, he was thinking, we stayed in contact and we were thinking that there fits 12 Bülk velomobiles in an ocean container of 20 feet. So, we were thinking that will reduce the transport cost quite significant and if we would sell 12 Bülks to most prominent velomobile drivers from USA and Canada and we ... that's my daughter ... Hi !


So, what we offer is, we offer 12 velomobiles, Bülk velomobiles, we put them in the ocean container, so we have reduced shipping cost, we will offer these Bülk velomobiles with a strong discount and we expect from you, from these 12 future Ambassadors to go to events where a lot of cyclists are going, we put the website on the side of the bike (velomobile) and a QR code, you bring some promotion materials with you, these kind of things* and yeah, if somebody buys a velomobile due to your effort, you get also a discount on your next purchase.


The project has just started, so not everything is perfectly set in concrete, well defined ... this video is more to see who is interested and yeah, the details we will discuss a bit later on, I also wrote an article, the link is in the description, about some more details.


If you are interested, if you are from USA or Canada please contact Greg and if you have other questions related to this, you can also email me. My email address is down in the description and I wish a great day. Have fun, see you next time!


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* Some more details if you want to qualify for the "Bülk Velomobile USA Ambassador Discount Program". After you receive your Bülk velomobile, for example you have to do your best to:


✓ be active on some social media networks about your experience with the velomobile

✓ write at least one article about your experience with this velomobile

✓ document your Bülk journey in some pictures and videos

✓ attend as an ambassador at least two cycling events that are rated medium to big

✓ interact to fellow cyclist, friends and officials about the benefits of a velomobile and the Bülk in particular

✓ carry and distribute as widely as reasonably can any brochures and information cards about Velomobile World and the Bülk in particular

✓ educate people about velomobiles and sometimes to allow them to have a test ride with your velomobile, after you make sure that your conditions are respected


You will receive all the details, including the discounted price, if you agree to become an Ambassador.


Please contact Greg Cantori (from USA) on email at "[email protected]" or Jan at "[email protected]", if you are interested.

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