Velomobile: Brevets, sport competitions and record rides vehicle

The question that arises is: are velomobiles good vehicles for brevets, sport competitions and record rides?

The answer is definitely YES, you can indeed participate in sport competitions and attempt record rides with a velomobile. Velomobiles are increasingly being recognized and used for many years in various sporting events, brevet rides and record-breaking attempts due to their unique design, aerodynamics, and efficiency.

Let’s go into more detail about this subject!

People who have ridden longer brevets or record rides know that on a upright bicycle you will suffer from back pain, neck and wrists pain, also pain between the legs, but with a velomobile you have a big advantage…


Seating Position: Velomobiles often feature a reclined seating position. This ergonomic seating helps distribute the rider’s weight more evenly across the body and provides support to the back and lower body. This can reduce pressure points and discomfort often associated with upright cycling.


Below you can find 6 other great advantages.

24 Hours from Aldenhoven
(Author: Holger Seidel)

30 Hours and a Little Wiser
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Holger Seidel Velomobile Record Ride

1) Aerodynamics

Velomobiles are designed with sleek, aerodynamic shapes that significantly reduce air resistance compared to traditional bicycles. This allows sportive drivers to achieve higher speeds with less effort, making them suitable for racing and fast-paced rides.

2) Weather protection

Velomobiles typically have a protective shell that shields the rider from the elements, including rain, wind, and even extreme temperatures. This can extend the riding season for sportive drivers, allowing them to train and compete in various weather conditions without discomfort.

3) Efficiency

The streamlined design and enclosed cabin of a velomobile enhance the efficiency of pedaling. The reduced air resistance and improved energy transfer from the rider’s pedaling to the wheels can lead to increased speed and less fatigue over long distances.

4) Storage space

Velomobiles often come with storage compartments that can hold essential items, such as water bottles, tools, snacks, and extra clothing. This is advantageous for sportive drivers who need to carry supplies for longer rides or races.

5) Visibility

The enclosed shell of a velomobile provides increased visibility on the road due to the higher seating position and better line of sight. This can enhance safety, especially when sharing the road with motor vehicles.

Do you want to feel the velomobile experience before ordering your own velomobile? You can book a test ride at your nearest dealer or ambassador from your area.

6) Performance

Velomobiles often feature advanced drivetrain systems, including multiple gears, efficient chain routing, and lightweight components. These features can contribute to improved performance and responsiveness for sportive riders.

Participating in these events and attempts with a velomobile can be an exciting way to demonstrate the capabilities of this unique vehicle, test your own limits, and contribute to the development of sustainable transportation options. Just keep in mind that each event or record attempt might have specific rules, regulations, and requirements, so it’s important to research and prepare accordingly.