Bülk Front Rims | Options Details

Welcome! On this page you will find details about Bülk Rims Option.

Alex Rims

This rim is the most versatile rim that we offer for the Bülk velomobile. The rim is relatively light at 300 grams and durable. Of course, you can manage to break a rim if you drive through a pothole and you tire pressure is a bit low. Also if you have a flat tire which mostly happens when it is wet and cold, when there are big chances to loose the power in your hands/fingers if they become really cold, then to get a tire off from Alex Rims is much easier.

*Alex Rims (profile sketch)

Fratelli Rims

Why would you choose for a Fratelli Rim? Good question and the only answer is weight (230 grams). The rim is much lighter, which means less energy loss. But because it is lighter, this means that is more fragile. So, for daily use and we hope that our velomobile will be used for daily use, then the Alex Rim is a better option.

*Fratelli Rims (profile sketch)