Bülk Head Light Option

Welcome! On this page you will find details about Bülk Head Light Option, where we have two options, the IQx and the Lupine SL X.

Option: Lupine SL X

This light has 3 positions…

• Running day light
• Normal light
• High beam


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This light is great but, there is a but… You can use the high beam only when you want to inform upcoming traffic that they blind you and it’s extreme practical for this purpose. Also you can use the high beam if you are driving on a road where is no upcoming traffic. One down side of the high beam is that it consumes a lot of energy which drains the battery maybe faster than desired.

Option: IQx from Busch & Muller

This light has 2 positions…
• Reduced light
• Normal light


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This light is the more cost-friendly option. This option generates enough light to see and to be seen. We made it with a small control unit to be available as a reduced light option. This option is intended for running on daylight, this option use less electricity, which means you can use your battery on one charge.

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