Buy second hand / used velomobile (United Kingdom)

Have you seen a velomobile and you decide that you want to buy one but your budget isn't big enough for buying a new one?


What kind of alternatives do you have?


Of course you can do a quick search on Google and find on eBay, on Velomobile Groups / Forums a second hand velomobile, but many velomobiles are available for sale via "I know the friend of a friend who got one for sale" method.


We want to tell you that there is another option to buy a used velomobile and this is from a DEALER. A good reason why you would buy a second hand velomobile from a Dealer is that he can offer you a good service to help you maintain the velomobile as well. The velomobiles are not complex at all, but in the beginning it is nice to know that you have a back up with a lot of experience who can help you out with advice, technical tips and parts or can do the maintenance for you.


For this reason it is the best to contact a dealer from (see now)


UK, London


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