Cassette Change | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance


Cassette Change | Bülk Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, I'm Jan from and we shoot here a maintenance video, so have fun.


In the today's video I want to show you how to take the cassette off your freewheel, that you can do when you want to change the freewheel or you're just curious.


So I need to turn left, so I put this tool like this, I hold it here to my body and I have to admit I cheated, so I untighten it already before a bit. I can take it off and as you can see there's not much ... because it's a new one. I would if... if you change one, you have for example, you need to put a new one, I just put back mine because it's pretty new still or pretty new, I did not cycle yet with this bike, so I've put a little bit of vaseline just to have some rust protection, then I have to search a bit, here you have the big space and here you have, here I have the big space, let me see if I'm right... yeah. I put back this one, then I put this tool inverse on it because I need to tighten it other way around and it needs to be tighten 40 Newton per meter, so that means about four kilo on one meter of a lever. So I have here, I have about 30 centimeters, so I need to multiply the four kilo multiplied with three and a half approximately, so that's a nine kilo, nine kilo plus and half, so it's about 12, 11-12 kilo which I need to pull like this if I have a lever of about 30 centimeters... it's a pretty... you have to tighten it pretty pretty tough.


So this was the video how to change the cassette on your velomobile.


I hope you enjoyed the videos about maintenance, if you have still some ideas please let them in the comments, but before you put/post the comments have a look to the other videos, maybe we uploaded your questions already, don't forget to subscribe and have fun, see you next time.

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