Development News | 25 April 2023

Hello everyone,


We would like to inform you about some developments we are making after we got some feedback from some dealers.


We got some feedback especially from the Netherlands, where we have some “giant” people who like to cycle in the Bülk. The bottle neck was in the space for the knees, head space and the view out the side windows was limited because they could only see the street next to them.


That's why we developed already a combi-lid with bigger knee bumps (protuberances) and sent one to Ymte. He confirmed that due to this modification at least one client fits better inside. I also had a question from a customer in the Netherlands, if the window can be a bit higher. I also noticed that I see a bit less out of the window and my head is touching the top of the hood (I have a long back and short legs).


That's why we started on Monday (24 April 2023) to make a race hood with motor visor with bigger knee bumps (protuberances) and 1.5 cm higher space above the head and for the windows we make a new design in order bigger people can see out of the window.


Regarding Milan SL/GT, now we are working on a race hood with motor visor. We hope to finish also this soon. We expect to have the first versions ready by ~mid-May.


See you soon with other news,


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