Extra Features for MK7

News about Milan MK 7, January 2021

Service lid in the bow, with the option of a Nacaduct


Our surveys of dealers and customers have shown that a service hatch is desired in the bow.


In the past it was very difficult for customers and dealers to make changes to the lighting system in the bow, for example. Replacing chainrings or derailleurs was also difficult for many, although this work can also be done while sitting in Milan. But not everyone has sufficiently long arms or can work blindly on the technology.


Therefore we have made the work of incorporating a service cover into the bow to facilitate service for dealers and end customers. This service access is incorporated as standard.


It is simply hooked in and therefore it’s very flexible to use.


Here is the position on the vehicle:



The silver line marks the optional position of the Nacaduct.


The service cover can optionally be ordered as a hook-and-loop Naca module for further ventilation. So you can react flexibly to ventilation requirements, depending on the season.



The hole creates sufficient accessibility without being unnecessarily too large.

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