Free Production Slots/Spots for Alpha 7 & Alpha 9


Good morning, it's Jan from here, it's finally a nice spring weather, well it's still a bit cloudy, it's gonna be nice, the sun is coming up there somewhere and I have some news.


So, the news is... here is my new velomobile, it's the M9, it has a very bright yellow, with like, a grey anthracite edge here, I hope in like, a couple of days I can cycle and give you a review. This means I have this Alpha 7 in plus, so this one will be for sale, I will add a link in the description so you can see which options it has and how much I would like to get for it.


See here my Alpha 7 configuration/options and price >>>


Another point in this discussion, is that we have 2 molds for the M9 velomobile, so, we can produce two M9s every week, we have a mold of Alpha 9 and a mold of Alpha 7, actually we have two molds of Alpha 7. Right now there are not so many orders of Alpha 7, which I understand because everybody want to see the M9 tested out. But if you're still think that you want to ride an Alpha 7, if you order like, it's now April still, if you order it in May and June, you will get it for the old price and we can deliver pretty fast. So, if you order today, end of April, we can deliver in June, end of June somewhere, so, that for us is pretty fast. We have like, 9 spots/slots available, so let us know if you want to order your VELOMOBILE. Have fun!



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