Front Suspension Part Replacement | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance


Front Suspension Part Replacement | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, it's Jan from and we're gonna make nice maintenance videos about the Alpha models. Let's see how we do it.


This video is going to be about changing this part of your front suspension. It can happen that you have a little bit of worn out here and this is a relatively cheap part, it's like 5 euros maximum I think. I will show you how to change that one.


So I put it here in and because it's already, in my case, it's not worn out, it's still new, but yours is worn out when you will change it and because this is gonna go a bit heavy and I have to get now after this video a new one because I will kind of destroy it. Yeah, there it goes.


So let's see how bad I ... the tube. So there's a lot of fillet/thread. So... oh, not so bad. Ah yeah, I have to replace it, I've made a mark on this one, but yeah, when it's anyway a worn out part it doesn't matter.


As you can see here is a space and a fillet and this is a relatively easy part that we need to replace. Uh, the other way around it's... you better put a screw here in the vise and you pull this one on and then you put enough Loctite 243 on it and you put it back. So I don't have here a screw, but it should be enough already of like putting it back like this. On the top of your... of course put Loctite, I did not put on here now and then you can take a big screwdriver and then you can, as you can see, you can do the last part, then you wait until the Loctite it's cured and then you can take off this screw and that's how you replace this part on your front suspension of the Alpha Series.


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