Great News | 25 May 2023


Hi, it's Jan from Velomobile World and today's video is about the new hood.


So here we have the new hood for the Bülk, it will get like big knee bumps (protuberances) here we went up like two centimeters, yes, you can see also now it goes a bit in the air and it will fit.


This is the... First we made a thick product, we modified it, flattened out, made easy and simple molds, this is the product out of the simple mold and now we are checking if everything fits. It fits pretty nicely, we need to work a bit of these edges and...


Then this week we will start... actually it's Thursday, so next week we'll start with making the dividing line and start to make the molds, so that's exciting news, I hope... we are end May, from beginning of June the first hoods will be at the dealers and then you can order them as well. Also new orders... um, can be made already with the extra higher protuberances and ah yeah, the window, I will get the window.


So the window will look a little bit like this to have the same curve as the protuberance. So there's still a little bit of work, of course they will be from plexiglass, but this one is from steel to have it in the mold and perfectly shaped size in order to have it, yeah, good shaped.


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