Green investment

Hi, Jan here.

In May this year, we made an article that we improved/upgraded our factory (see here). Back then we installed 80 kilowatts of solar panels, we have a very good location for producing electricity in this way.


⬆️ Video from May 2022


Some time ago we signed a contract for another 74 kilowatts (kW) with FOMCO, a local company that installs solar energy panels and yesterday (7-Dec-2022) they started to install them.


So, we added some more solar panels to our collection, but this time they are not on the roof of our factory like last time, they are mounted on the ground on a supporting structure (see picture below).


*click on it to enlarge


We took the decision to continue with this green investment, we do our best to continue the environmental friendly philosophy that stands behind the velomobiles that we produce, because we want to contribute to a sustainable future. Maybe you have seen on our Facebook page that from time to time I like to escape and enjoy nature, on foot through the mountains or by velomobile following the roads that lead me to beautiful landscapes. So yeah, I want to think that through our decisions we help the nature to stay as it is now.


We are also concerned about the global energy crisis, that can influence our production of velomobiles. So, with this investment we want to go on the path to becoming more independent in terms of electricity, we want to protect ourselves against unpredictable increases in utility prices, that have influenced our lives lately, at home or our work/business.


Thank you for following us, have a nice day!


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