Heading to the Midnight Sun (Day 21)

Heading to the Midnight Sun. A Velomobile Trip with Brigitte and Fritz.

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Day 21 | Eidsdal - Herjestrand | 111 KM | 1234 HM


Finally downhill in the morning.


Tightened the screw from the Tiller joint in the tunnel this morning. Yesterday on the descent it had loosened and it was a bit strange to drive around the bends. With this scenery, I like to make a few small adjustments.


On the way I realised that was not the cause. Ferry was just leaving from the other shore when I could see her at the top of the descent. We arrived just in time. On the other side then repair in Sylte next to the petrol station. Unfortunately the problem is different. The rivet broke off. The next garage is not far away. We only had to pay 150 NOK.


Then the long drive to Trollstiegen. From the wrong side, so to speak.


A small duel. Only the racing cyclist in front let himself be seduced. They soon turned off.


Various things from the road.


Noticeably many strawberry farms. 5-10. Harvested by locals.


Waterfall to walk on. Over it, of course.


Impressive horse farm. Lunch opposite the shooting range. Today we had real sourdough bread.


We are approaching the heights.


There are many different ferns here. They are quite small.


A search picture.


Above. Next to us a VW T3. They offer even more space inside than the new ones. It is already 38 years old. The older (than us) gentleman then wanted to know how our velomobiles worked.


No sooner had we reached the top than it started to rain. It was pretty heavy. The sheep were calm. Despite queues of cars, they stayed put.


Great view from the top. It's a pity it's raining so much. The pictures only give an approximation of it this time. The waterfall is enormous and flows directly under the bridge. The serpentines lie one above the other in a semicircular vertical wall. Driving up here without cars must be simply fantastic.


The bridge is in the middle. That shows the dimensions.


One of many. I have noticed that when I ask for 1€, many people quickly stop taking pictures.


Andalsnes reached.


The coast is also beautiful. Today again in a hut.




⬆️ Repair at the start / Reparatur am Anfang / Réparation au départ

⬆️ Downhill / Abfahrtslauf / Descente

⬆️ View from the ferry / Blick von der Fähre / Vue du ferry

⬆️ The friendly mechanics / Die freundlichen Mechaniker / Les mécaniciens amicaux

⬆️ The rivet / Der Niet / Le rivet

⬆️ Racer biker try it / Rennradfahrer versuchen es / Racer biker/cycliste essayez-le

⬆️ Strawberry farms / Erdbeerfarmen / Fermes de fraises

⬆️ Path to look for the waterfall / Pfad zur Suche nach dem Wasserfall / Chemin pour chercher la cascade

⬆️ Pony farm for riding / Ponyhof zum Reiten / Ferme de poneys pour l'équitation

⬆️ Snack / Imbiss / Collation

⬆️ The heights are near / Die Höhen sind nahe / Les hauteurs sont proches

⬆️ Little ferns / Kleine Farne / Petites fougères

⬆️ Search / Suche / Recherche

⬆️ Top / Haut

⬆️ Relaxed sheep / Entspannte Schafe / Mouton détendu

⬆️ Trollstigen downhill / Trollstigen abwärts / Descente de Trollstigen

⬆️ Bridge in the middle / Brücke in der Mitte / Pont au milieu

⬆️ Andalsnes

⬆️ The coast is also beautiful / Auch die Küste ist wunderschön / La côte est également magnifique



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