Heading to the Midnight Sun (Day 24)

Heading to the Midnight Sun. A Velomobile Trip with Brigitte and Fritz.

Germany > Denmark > Norway > North Cape (Nordkapp) > Finland > Germany


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Day 24 | Størsand - Steinkjer


Beautiful weather, everything dried. Everything is running. Our route runs parallel to E6. Norwegians often take the old road for the cycle path.


The E6 itself is really busy. The cycle path sometimes runs parallel to the E6 and is then called E6 itself. Sometimes, however, you have to cycle on the road. That's fine as long as it's flat or going uphill. However, the stage was characterised by many, many hills and then it was annoying to ride on the road. The patience of some Norwegians also comes to an end at some point. Because they can't overtake and are forever behind us. Then there are the "eternally-filming-us" ones, who in turn slow down the others.


When we left the road and drove through the fields on small roads, I had the feeling that something wasn't right, because it only went up and down. On one of these small roads, there was a monument in the field that looked like a moose. Then it started to move and it was a moose. It looked at us quite suspiciously and then started trotting away. Later, we read that moose can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h.


During the lunch break back on the E6, an enthusiastic Norwegian Tesla driver wanted to know what it was. He himself was an ambitious racing cyclist and wanted to know exactly. He said the road here was annoying because there were no alternative routes. He himself comes from 10 km away from the North Cape.


During the break, we could watch the helicopters at work on the nearby escarpment.


It is striking what splendid farms the farmers often have here. And at the same time there are the very modern houses next to them.


After this nice lunch break, we continued our walk and suddenly I heard the green Alpha just rattling. Was that the empty cans that we took with us? Or something else? At 18-20 km/h Biggi crept ahead of me. Is she doing that on purpose? And then I saw that the right front tyre was flat. Quick fix.


Sometime later, I had to quickly avoid a car at a driveway. Aha, the tiller wasn't stuck.


Apart from that, it went up and down until it got annoying.


In the evening I glued the filler with 5-minute epoxy. I sanded it down first. Funny, the first piece could be pulled out to some extent. The rest was difficult. Maybe I shouldn't have done it? Never mind. Now it's like this.




⬆️ Moose / Elch / Élan

⬆️ Farm / Bauernhof / Ferme

⬆️ Modern house / Modernes Haus / Maison moderne

⬆️ Hole in the tube / Loch im Rohr / Trou dans le tube

⬆️ Cycle path beside the E6 / Radweg neben der E6 / Piste cyclable le long de l'E6

⬆️ Big and rich farm / Großer und reicher Bauernhof / Une ferme grande et riche

⬆️ Sanding tiller / Schleifen der Pinne / Ponçage du timon

⬆️ Sanding / Schleifen / Ponçage



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