Henning creates special velomobile designs on demand

Velomobiles are special vehicles, with a different look from conventional means of transport, which still attract a lot of attention when they appear on the street, in many places of the world.


Maybe you know that in most cases, velomobiles are built according to the preferences and customizations of the rider/driver (different features, different colors for the body parts). In this article we want to tell you about a person, more exactly about one of our dealers, that can take the design of your velomobile to another level, to be even more personalized.


It's about Henning from Velomobile Ottersberg (Germany), who creates special velomobile designs if needed. We invite you to take a look on the videos below and if you like what you see, for more details you can contact Henning by one of the methods below.


Enjoy and thank you for following us!




[Later Edit] This client chose to have his own design with a dragon, vinyl wrapped on his M9 velomobile ordered from Velomobile World. Have a look on the video, it looks super cool. This option is not available from factory, but some dealers like Henning Tesch are willing to go one step further and help you out with creating your dream design.






Phone: 04205 5914889

Email: [email protected]

Große Straße 20, Ottersberg 28870, Germany

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