How much does a velomobile cost

In this article we want to provide an answer to the question "How much does a velomobile cost". There are two answers to this question, the cost to purchase and the cost to run. If you read until the end you will be surprised.


First we talk about the cost to purchase a velomobile. There are many velomobiles for sale. Every velomobile has his advantages and his disadvantages.


The cheapest are Quest, Strada and Quest XS, they start around 8.450 Euro - including 21% VAT, more information you can find on


After them comes the DF and DF XL from Intercitybike, they cost around 8.750 Euro - including 21% VAT, more information you can find on


Then you get you get the high end velomobiles. The Milan SL/GT starts with 10.000 Euro - including 19% VAT, you can find more information about this amazing velomobile at:


... and we think that the Milan SL/GT is the fastest. You have to check if it is the most practical velomobile for you. You have to know that Milan doesn't like to much the speedbumps from the bicycle tracks. But if you live in a area where you have to drive in normal traffic, the Milan series has no problems.


Lastly we have the Alpha series developed by Daniel Fenn. Daniel Fenn is a well know designer with a lot of experience behind his name. In this series we have Alpha 7 starting with 10.800 Euro - including 19% VAT, you can find more information at:

In this series is also the newest designed Alpha 9 and M9, they have a starting price at 11.800 Euro - including 19% VAT and you can find more information at:


This was the easiest part to answer because is very clear what is the cost that you have to pay for purchasing the velomobile.


Now, how much does it cost to operate the velomobile.


Let's say you will sell one of your cars or you sell your car and you will cycle 12.000 km a year. How much will be the cost? As we said is a bit hard to say. For example there are people who bought a Quest 10 year ago and they paid 7.200 Euro for it. They still have a good change to get 2.500 Euro for it after 10 year and 120.000 km. That's 500 euro a year in devaluation. That's not to much.

Now let's do a rough estimation of how much you spend if you drive 12.000 km with a velomobile. Every 2 year you need a new chain and a cassette and this will cost you about 150 Euro in 2 years, so 75 Euro per year. You need 3 sets of front tires per year 6x25=150 Euro per year. Plus some small parts with about max 400 Euro per year if you do the maintenance yourself, which is very easy because it is very similar to bicycle technique.

That means 400+500=900 Euro, theoretically this is the cost to drive 12.000 km. This is just an example, as there may be variations from situation to situation.


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