I want to be an ambassador

If you arrived on this page it means that you have an interest to become a Velomobile World AMBASSADOR. Thank you very much for your interest! Below you can see briefly what advantages you have if you make this step. If you still have questions after you read the info from this page, please let us know (email: [email protected]), if everything is clear we invite you to hit the red button from below or the one from the end of the page.

By becoming a velomobile Ambassador, you have the power to change lives

You bring well-being and happiness in people’s lives because they will have more physical activity and enjoy beautiful landscapes while travelling with the velomobile. Dopamine level is going up!

You help people to discover a fantastic alternative to a car.

You encourage people to use a way of transportation that is good for training and sport, good for their health.

You can help people to become more independent, to gradually give up fossil fuels.

Contribute to the growth of velomobile enthusiasts community.

You introduce people to an alternative to the bicycle, that is faster, safer and more comfortable.

You help people to discover a sustainable commuting alternative.


In the summer of 2022 I (Jan) was driving around in my velomobile in Romania where I live and I’ve already started to get used with all the attention that I receive when I ride in this special vehicle. Sometimes I like to get all this attention and to interact with people, but there are moments when I don’t have time or I’m not in the mood to answer the same questions over and over again.

So, in the autumn of 2022 I was thinking how can I solve this situation and benefit from this “problem” both the curious people who are attracted to the velomobile when they see it on the street, as well as Velomobile World.

The solution we came up with is to have a slogan on the side of the velomobile to be more clear that we speak about a human powered vehicle and also a QR code that people can scan and they will arrive on your personal landing page (examples a little bit below). On this page we can add your FAQ, some information about you and of course about velomobiles, all these in your local spoken language. So, when interested people ask details about your velomobile, you can have a talk with them and for more details they can visit your personal page by scanning the QR code on your bicycle.


1. Personal landing page

This is a page with your name on our website, with some content that you give us. This can be information about how you came in contact with cycling and velomobiles, what you like on them and what you don’t like so much, maybe something about your lifestyle and passions.
You can also add frequently asked questions on the page. Many times people ask the same questions and sometimes you don’t have time or energy to answer them again and again. You can kindly ask them to scan the QR code which is on your velomobile and people will get the answers they want to know.

Here you can see some examples of ambassadors pages >>>

*Example of ambassador velomobile (Bülk MK 1)

2. Slogans

We have different slogans available for your velomobile. You can choose the one that you prefer, which represents your reason for cycling the velomobile.

*click on the images below to zoom on slogans

3. Flyers

If you want we can supply you with flyers that you can hand over to people who have questions. We can also support you with marketing/promotion that involves the Ambassadors Project (know how, strategy, ideas, best channels in your case etc.)

4. Discounts

If you help a new client who doesn’t have a velomobile yet, answering his questions and he decides to order one, you get a €500 value coupon which you can spend on a new velomobile or on parts that you need.
We offer a generous discount* on a new velomobile (Bülk, Milan GT, Alpha Series) if you want to drive around with the great looking ambassador sticker.

*May differ from country to country. Please fill out the form (after clicking the “I want to be an Ambassador” button) and we will contact you.

5. Already own a velomobile?

If you decide that you want to be an ambassador but you already have a velomobile and you don’t want to buy a new velomobile because you can’t afford it right now or simply the current one is right for you at the moment, we can provide you with stickers for your velomobile and create a personal landing page for you. In this way you can encourage people to scan your QR code and read more about this great phenomenon, the velomobile. We are working on a reward system and if a lot of people create an account and buy a velomobile after they scan your QR code, you’ll gather coupons and when the time comes to change your velomobile with a brand new one, maybe you’ll get it with a big discount or even better 100% from coupons.

What do we expect from you as ambassador?

1. Drive safely and be respectful to other traffic participants.
2. Help us on social media to spread the news.
3. To take care of this special vehicle, your velomobile.
4. To be a proud ambassador and helpful for potential new clients.
5. You are willing to let other people who are interested, to drive/test your velomobile, of course when you see that they are really serious and the conditions allow it. But make sure you have another bike available in order you can go with the potential client and guide him.