Life Changes (video)


Jan's DF Configuration/Options (click here to see the PDF)


Good morning, I'm Jan from and normally I film from Romania but today I'm in the Netherlands, well let me see, yeah this house ... but it's sold. We are very little time in the Netherlands, we bought it on 16 march 2020, the first day I couldn't travel anymore back and forth to Romania, so we were stuck here a couple of months, I had to figure out how to run my business with Skype callings, very stressful ...


So here I have my DF which I don't need anymore because we sold the house, I will not have any storage space in the Netherlands, so I sell this DF, it has the good IQ-X headlights, carbon fiber air intake, black top, the standard green on the bottom, I have two mirrors, let me see, two mirrors and it has around thousand ... let's say two thousand kilometers max and the one thing what is really bummer, somebody scratched it here a bit and this is more severe, let me see, it's very hard to see on the camera, here is a scratch.


That scratched happened because an old guy was cycling next to me and he was like ... looking to me and slammed on my bike, so the first thing I checked was ... he was okay, he was okay, his bike was okay and I was like, okay ... I see nothing on mine, I left and when I came home I saw the big scratch but I was like, okay whatever, it's nice that the guy was okay, nothing happened. Yeah, so it's for sale, it can be picked up in the first week of January, if you cannot pick it up I will store it somewhere and I will tell you where you can pick it up if you want to have it, so it's for sale, I will put in the description a link to our website where I make a small article which options I had or I have on this bicycle and yeah, that's it for today from the Netherlands, see you next time.


For details send an email at "[email protected]"

The price starts at €7xxx,-


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