M9 to external painter for …




Yesterday I brought a hard product of the M9 to our external painter. We want to make a second mould and maybe a third mould for the production of the M9. For this we need a perfect shiny thick product to start with. The first thick product that we received from Daniel got broken in the demolding process, but this wasn't at all a surprise for us. Because Daniel works with such a high speed with transforming the A9 in M9 by cutting the A9 and putting together it for the M9, sometimes these parts does not fit perfectly together into the construction. When we build the mould it has always a percentage of shrinking the mould. Because of this shrink the positive mould from Daniel is destroyed and also because we need to apply some force to get the thick mould out of the mould.


That's why yesterday I went 25 km away to bring to our external painter to make the thick product looking good and shiny. We can do this by ourselves but we are to busy with production, so it's better if we externalize this for now. In 2 weeks we start to produce the second mould of the M9. We expect a high demand for the M9. Also we need some time to build one for me.


Have fun, stay tuned.



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