Meet our newest dealer from Germany


DEALER: Hanno Werner Habighorst (Pedalwirbel Witten)


We asked Hanno to tell us some things about him so that you know him better. What we recommend, when you have some time, is to visit his dealership, in this way you will feel his passion and dedication for velomobiles and other alternatives to cars.



Hello guys, welcome to Pedalwirbel Witten!


My name is Hanno Werner Habighorst and I am the new velomobile salesman in Witten (Midwest Germany).




Born 1995

2017 Apprentice Shipment Program, bicycle mechatronic

 2019 Degree in bicycle mechatronic

 2019 National level second place, performance competition 

2022 Craftsman master workshop, professional development



My career in the bike business started 2017 with a break up of my university studies to become a teacher. That was the best decision I could have made. 


For me it was no longer an opportunity to work in an office or write half the day. So I´ve been searching for a job, where I could create something with my hands and even involve my passion. 


It turned out that I participated in an apprentice shipment program to become a bike mechatronic.


In this time I focused more and more on special bikes and I bought a M5 20/26 recumbent to commute my 17 Km way to work. But it was too slow, so I bought a Milan SL and this started my road in the world of velomobiles and the velomobile career.


In 2019 I ended my bike mechatronic skilled occupation.


Due to my good grades I was able to participate in a performance competition and reached the national level second place.


Directly after I became a father, I bought a cargo bike for transporting my daughter, which soaked me even more in the world of special bikes. 


At some point I thought about building up my own bicycle shop with a master craftsman workshop. In Germany this requires some professional development. So I went to professional mechanics school, now with a DFXL, and completed my master craftsman in April 2022. 


What's next?


March 2023: Pedalwirbel Witten

In October 2022 the work in the shop began. It needed to be renovated completely, new walls needed to be built, old walls needed to go and now the shop is finished. 


The services that I'm offering to customers


✓ Sales of Velomobile, Trikes, Recumbents and special parts

✓ Repair of every single bicycle which exists on our planet

✓ Tuning: get the best out of your efficient ride

✓ Test Rides on a very nice 12 Km round course, without cars, in a vacation area called "Kemnader See"

✓ Velomobiles Test Ride : Alpha 7, Alpha 9, Bülk, Milan SL, DFXL

✓ Trikes Test Ride :  AZUB TI-Fly, Tri-Con, T-Tris 

✓ Recumbents Test Ride: Bacchetta Corsa and Giro 20/26/28“

✓ Other Test Rides: Pedalpower Cargobike, some Tandems, Tout Terrain Singletrailer and other usual bike "upright models"

✓ Excellent coffee, lots of parking space right in front of the building and most important: TIME.



As you can imagine I am really into velomobiles. They are my first choice of transport and I spend lots of time in them and with them. I’ve been competing in races such as the World Championships in mid France and the Netherlands. 


In October 2022 we had a craftsman master meeting in Itzehoe, northern Germany. Everyone came by car. But I used the velomobile and traveled 434 Km in one day.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to these special vehicles. Can you imagine?


Time to visit Pedalwirbel Witten, I look forward to meeting you!


📷 More pictures below



Pedalwirbel Witten

Hanno Werner Habighorst

Querenburgerstraße 25

58455 Witten



[email protected]











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