News about Snoek production, the newest velomobile from

Allert and Eva from worked hard on the Snoek and on 6th April came the big day when we received the positive molds of the Snoek. The same day we started to make the production of the molds.


We need to receive still the mold from the rear wheel well. Allert and Eva decided after they made the first 2 Snoeks that they want to optimize the rear wheel well. The planning is that we will receive this part in 3 weeks.


There were some small defects on the negative molds because they used the positive molds already once for making a set of negative molds. That's why we fixed these small defects. But in general it is a pleasure to receive positive molds from We don't have to do to much on it 👍



We hope that from end of April to be ready with the molds production and starting to make the first Snoek to be delivered mid May. We will keep you informed about this.

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