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Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World and I am in my garage next to my Bülk. I don't think that you can see it but here we have some mountains of like 2.300 meter high, they're like 60-70 kilometers away, so pretty far still. Last weekend there was like still one and a half meters snow on it, so we did a really nice hike, as you can see it started become spring here in Romania, finally, last week we had snow here too, but that's not the topic, the topic is that I want to invite you to SPEZI, we will be there at SPEZI, on 29 April in Lauchringen, I hope I pronounce the name correctly, but below the video will be link to the SPEZI website, so you can find direct location and... yeah, check if you want to come and if you come, be welcome to have a chitchat / discussion in the boot (exhibition stand) and I want to show you some things that we will have.


So this one, my personal Bülk will be there because we built in tank steering, in this one. So Wolfgang Schröppel from Switzerland designed the tank steering, also some new suspension, let me see if I can get it up this side, so as you can see I did some test driving, yeah, he made also a new front suspension, it will be visible at the SPEZI, let me put it back a bit... the first version went really difficult, was very heavy, it makes also still a bit of noise, you don't hear that when you drive, today the third version of this foot plate will come, so this will go easier.


Yeah, so this Bülk will be there, we will do test drives, but we only do test drives on the roller, because the track is not really suitable for velomobiles to make a good test drive there and it also takes too much time and many people always come there... who wants to drive it, test it out and it's not really the appropriate place there, so we only have rollers, so we can show you if you fit in or not, so this Bülk will be there, a Bülk with tiller steering will be there and we will really work hard to make sure the W9 from Daniel Fenn will be there as well.


Yeah, what else, I hope to see you there, goodbye.


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