News at the beginning of 2023

Hi all, Jan here ...


First of all, Happy New Year. May your year 2023 be full of health, unforgettable moments and achieved goals.


For me the new year didn't started so well. I got a strong flu that kept me out of running for at least a week. I was able to do some work behind the computer, but not more than 4 hours a day.


Ymte from IntercityBike had a client who wanted to have a GT but only when the Battle Mountain Hood with Motor Visor was ready. This was a good motivation for me, beside that I also had someone on the Forum asking to finish for him the Battle Mountain Hood with Motor Visor.


I promised Ymte from IntercityBike that I want to have the Battle Mountain Hood with Motor Visor for the Milans to be ready in 2 months. This means if you order now (January 2023) a Milan SL or a GT, you can order a Battle Mountain Hood with Motor Visor. For separate orders of Battle Mountain Hoods with Motor Visor, we will start delivery from ~April 2023.


Also we worked on the DF/DFXL 2.0 and this was done in November 2022. In December 2022 we modified the DF and the DFXL to have the same style of Air Intake as the Tuna and also we modified the rear of the DF/DFXL to be same as the Tuna. This means that the light cover has disappeared and Kellerman Lights are used.


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See you next time!


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