Price list for velomobiles

Are you here because you want to see a price list for the velomobiles? You are in the right place, scroll down and there you can find a price list and more info.


Have you seen a velomobile on the street, at one of your friends or online where people are talking more and more about them?


If you made an online search, maybe you found a lot of info about velomobiles on forums, video platforms, articles or on social media platforms and you decided that you would like to own a special vehicle like this. The thing is there are several types of velomobiles and you want to choose the right one for you and your needs. Every velomobile has his advantages and his disadvantages, so when you are ready to choose yours, you have to take in consideration all of these and inevitably, in the end, you get also to the price detail.


Velomobiles have different prices depending on the model and the additional options. Below is a list that contains the base prices, the final prices being set in the configurator of each vehicle. Click on "View details" if you are interested in finding out more details about a specific velomobile.




1) M9 | Base price: € 11.800,00 | View details

2) Milan SL MK7 | Base price: € 10.000,00 | View details

3) Alpha 7 | Base price: € 10.800,00 | View details

4) Alpha 9 | Base price: € 11.800,00 | View details

5) Milan GT MK7 | Base price: € 10.100,00 | View details


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