Prices increase

Update 23.03.2022




As you might noticed the prices dramatically increased for raw materials. Last year we increased the price with 8%, we were optimistic and convinced that the prices will calm down. Unfortunately this didn't happened at all.


The production cost increased with almost 12%, that's why we need to inform you that we need to increase the base prices of the velomobiles with 6% at orders from 1 May 2022. More details below:


➡️ Orders made before 1 May 2022 and delivered before 1 December 2022, will have the old prices

➡️ Orders made after 1 May 2022 and delivered after 1 December 2022, will have the new prices


In conclusion:

Milan SL/GT prices will increase with 6%

Alpha series will increase with 6%


This means that:

Milan SL/GT will have a base price of € 10.600,00

Alpha 7 will have a base price of € 11.400,00

A9/M9 will have a base price of € 12.500,00


We are sorry that we have to do this. These are crazy times, but we hope that this instability will end soon.


Velomobile World Team

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