5) Alpha 7

Velomobile World

Orders starting 20 February 2023 will have a hood included as standard, that will be standard equipped with a window wiper, made by Daniel Fenn (choose YES at Hood Option in the Configurator).


The Alpha 7 is the newest velomobile model, designed by Daniel Fenn. Velomobile World is producing it in its factory located in Romania and it’s sold through the dealer network.


Alpha 7 has a light and stiff body, made from 100% carbon composite, has open front wheel wells and carbon wheel covers. It has a very significant air intake and front engine hood. The tail and hatch for the derailleur and rear axle are very narrow.


With the Alpha you can reach quite high speeds and the maintenance is easy.


Below you can find a configurator that contains the options and customization available for Alpha 7 model. If you fill in this form you’ll receive from us an email with your configuration.


You can consult our dealers list (view here) to find the nearest store from your area. You can contact them for more details or to schedule a test drive to feel the velomobile experience with an Alpha 7.


The base price is €10.900 (including 19% VAT).


(All the weights in the configurator are indicative)


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Length: 257
Width: 67
Height: 89
Weight: 21