Report your Bülk settings to us


You’re kindly invited to take part to the study of the most appropriate settings for the seat of Bülk velomobile. We’ll create and publish a standard based on your contribution that will help all velomobile community.

Your data will not be made public.

Click the button at the end of this page to fill the form. Thank you for joining in!

➡️ Seat Support Position

Which is the position your seat is inserted in? Should be a number between 1 (the front one) and 6.

➡️ Seat Support Types

1) Carbon seat support

2) Foam seat support



➡️ Crank Distance

Put one pedal to the front and measure the distance from it to the lowest point on the seat.

➡️ Body Length (cm)

To measure your body length you need a book and a measure tape, a wall and take out your shoes. So the first step is you take the book, it has a nice 90 degrees angle, you stand straight without shoes and you drop it until you feel that it’s on your head, you turn around, you take with your finger the spot or if you don’t care, you make with a pen or pencil, a little stripe/sign and you measure your body length. My advice is do it at least two times, if it’s two times exactly the same measurement, you know that you measured both times right, if there’s a bit different you better do it the third time to know that you did it right and report to us in centimeters. You can also stand with your back straight without shoes against a wall and ask someone to hold the book above your head so you can measure the distance from the floor to the book.

➡️ X-Seam (cm)

I want to show you how to measure your X-Seam. For this measurement you use something like a plank, I use nothing special, you put it to the wall, you have about 40 centimeters distance and I take a a box, I found it here in my barn, so what I do is I’m going to sit down, I make sure that I don’t move the plank, it’s quite slippery, so I hold it with my hands here and I push forward the box until my feet blocks, so my knees are fully on the ground, I stand up and I measure the distance from here until there and that’s the X-Seam.

➡️ Shoulder Width (cm)

So, for this measurement you need a wall, a book, a measuring tape and a second person who helps you. So you stand to the wall, you give the book to the second person and you make sure that you don’t feel pressed between the book and the wall, a slight pressure is ok, and then you measure the distance from the wall until the book and that’s the measurement we need.

➡️ Shoulder Height (cm)

I want to show you how to measure your shoulder height and your head height if you sit with your back straight to a wall. For this measurement you need a wall, a book, a measuring tape and it’s practical if you have someone to help you. So you hold the book again at 90 degrees until it touches your shoulder without pressing, then you ask the second person to measure the distance from the floor until the book, from here. For the head it’s the same, hold the book here and then the second person measures the distance from the floor until the book.

➡️ Shoe size

Please write in the form your shoe size in Europe Sizing/Style. You can consult the above tables. Thank you!

➡️ Weight (kg)

Well, what to say… step on a weight scale, then please write in the below form your weight.

After you made all the measurements it is very important to report to us this information. In order we can help new clients to get a smooth set up for them. I know you don’t do for yourself but for the community.

Thanks a lot!!

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