Shipping to America | February 2023 (Video)


Hi I'm Jan from Velomobile world and we have some good news, here are the first boxes that we're shipping to Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) and from there they will go uh... yeah they go with the airplane to the clients in America.


We did a couple of things to improve shipping information, so the people who are handling understand what they're having inside. So we developed a sticker together with the cameraman, where is obviously that they need to keep it dry, fragile, this way up, do not stack and what is inside, also we made the QR codes, so if they would scan it, there is a Landing Page with information about velomobile, what's inside, how to handle it, we even did it in Spanish (besides English), I'm not sure what percentage of who's working at the package handling are speaking more Spanish than English but it was a little job to do.


So, things became clearer, but the good thing is we are starting to deliver the Ambassador velomobiles to the USA and Canada. I hope you enjoyed it, please subscribe to our Channel, have fun, see you next time.


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