Snoek announcement (video)

Hi, I'm Jan from and we're in the production so you hear some noises probably, next to me this Snoek, we are like I guess with ... this is our six or seven Snoek that we will deliver ... in the beginning it's always a little bit like ... some fine tuning, we receive documentations we need to interpret it, calling, making things, shipping, small modifications again, that's why it's always very important to go slow in the beginning so that we know everything, we know what should be done, what not be done.


So yeah, I've been a lot in by lamination to make sure that all the lamination details are perfect and now we're working also to make the assembly completely perfect, we made some drilling molds ... because I had already some questions from people like uh okay but when my Snoek will come, well have a little bit patience, we build still I think until like end November every two weeks, one, to make sure like yes this is perfect and then from I expect, it's of course that decides not me, we are just the producer in this case, they decide when we will scale up the production but I estimate from experience it will be like end of November beginning of December we will speed up production to one and a half, maximum one and a half Snoek a week, so you can estimate a bit how long it will take still.


I'm sorry for this delay but we are really working hard for you to have a great Snoek and a great experience. If you like this video please let us a thumb up, subscribe, if you have more questions about the Snoek please contact, they are the spokesman for Snoek with the producer, also let some comments behind, in the coming weeks I hope I will make a Q&A, I want to make a Q&A with all kind of questions I had already in the past which I answered in the comments and I will make some short videos about it, so you'll have answers on your questions. Have fun see you next time.

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