Some special …




Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World and in today's video I want to show you some special colors.


So this is a really nice Bülk, really nice colored, turquoise and orange, this is an ambassador bike, so we have the QR code on it and we have the Made in Romania sticker, we have to put on it this sticker because if they open the box it need to be clear that it's from Europe made, otherwise they have to pay more import tax, I'm not sure how many people will keep them on, but that's how it is right now.


So for example I have here a Quatrevelo with a green metallic color and a yellow metallic on top, this looks pretty nice, it's a bit casual or traditional, as you can see really nice green sparkles.


For example here we have a Bülk with some really nice orange metallic with the blue metallic, you don't see in this color that much, it's a bit dirty still, so we have some really nice colors here.


Here I have another Bülk again with some nice green metallic and it has the standard white on the bottom, also really nice... it doesn't look that great here on the camera, but outside, it's really noisy today, outside it looks really good.


Then I have here a Bülk with some special blue metallic paint, again they are still in the workshop, not cleaned, not ready, but they really look really nice with the silver stickers.


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