Standard bicycle parts for velomobile maintenance

We hear many people that they have some concerns about the maintenance of a velomobile. In this article we want to show you that the maintenance is not that difficult.


The most of the parts are standard bike components, especially the parts which you need to replace after 30.000 km. Most of the velomobile drivers need 4 years or more to reach 30.000 km.


Parts you might need to change after a period of time:

- Chain

- Cassette

- Rear derailleur

- Shifter

These are all standard parts which you can buy anywhere from a standard bike shop.


Also we made a YouTube Channel whit a lot of practical tips how to maintain your velomobile. If your question or topic is not there please send us an email at "[email protected]" and we will try to make a "How to video" with that specific maintenance job.




We also have a section with exploded view drawings where you can see very good how parts are assembled and to understand the problem if you have one. Have a look on our Technical Support part of the website



The maintenance of your velomobile is very easy to do it yourself or otherwise a local bike shop can do it for you, but a bit of knowledge about your own velomobile is very practical to have, you don't know when you might need it.


Have also a look on the rest of our website for other info that might help you.


Have fun and we keep in touch.


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