Velomobile India | Alpha 7 Landed in Bangalore

Alpha 7 velomobile "landed" in Bengaluru/Bangalore, India!


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The first velomobile from India was spotted at start of April 2022 on the roads of Bangalore city and we are happy to see that this special vehicle (produced in our factory from Romania) was received with a lot of interest by people who live there. There were many people that stopped in traffic to admire this "mysterious" vehicle, to take pictures and posting them on social media. Also, several people gathered in front of our dealer's place Cadence90, when the owner left with his Alpha 7.


We want the owner to have a great time with his velomobile and to gather many beautiful memories with it. Welcome in the velomobile COMMUNITY !


A human powered velomobile offers a lot of advantages and it's a great alternative of transportation if you are a commuter or you love to make road trips. On top of that, it takes care of your health because you exercise while riding it and it's a green form of transportation.


You can find below more details about our dealer from India or by visiting DEALERS page from our website. He can give you a lot of info and maybe you can have also a test ride there.



Address: 480, East End Main Road, 9th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore, Karnataka 560069, India

Phone: +91-9880038450

Email: [email protected]


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