Velomobile Korea | Milan GT MK7 Ride


벨로모빌코리아 | 밀라노 GT MK7 라이드


We found this video with the ride of Milan GT MK7 velomobile on the bicycle paths in South Korea. Velomobiles are very popular in this country, together with recumbent bikes and trikes, where more and more enthusiasts become owners of these special vehicles. Velomobiles are very efficient vehicles that you can use for commute, shopping or to make road trips.


If you want to explore South Korea by velomobile or bike, it has a very good infrastructure with a lot of kilometers of bicycle lanes, that can take you to see many beautiful landscapes and places (rivers, rocky coastlines, evergreen forests, mountain crests, historic towns, beaches, waterfalls and more)


If you decide that you want to purchase a velomobile, we have 2 velomobile dealers in Republic of Korea, where you can have a test ride or to get all the info that you need.



Address: 102ho 42, Gucheonmyeon-ro 16-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul 05247

Phone: 82-10-7460-7464

Email: [email protected]



Address: 10, Yeonmujang 11-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


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