Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 3)

DAY 3.


Today another easy stage of 144 km is awaited. The continuous rain from the morning until 2:00 P.M. clouded the day a bit. However, since we took the neoprene cover with us for the trip, it was not a problem. Underneath you sit wonderfully dry. The helmet also keeps your head largely dry. Our hostess accompanied us again to Germersheim with her Snoek and another Milan driver from the area.



In Germersheim we drove to the old brickworks. This is a well-known eatery right on the banks of the Rhine. They meet there every year in Germersheim for a special bike fair (“Spezi”).


After that we drove on alone. A couple of friends offered us to visit them in Achern. We still knew them from our time as tandem riders.


Rheinufer / Rhine bank ⬆️

Frankreich heißt uns willkommen / France welcomes us ⬆️

Rheinbrücke nach Deutschland bei Iffezheim / Rhine bridge to Germany near Iffezheim ⬆️

Viele Störche / Many storks ⬆️



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