Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 33)

Day 33.


Kelheim - Fürth

125 km | 634 HM



A ride in beautiful weather in one of the most popular cycling areas in Germany - the Altmühltal. You follow the river uphill with almost no gradient in countless curves past many pretty villages. Many houses are built directly on or into the rocks. Many castles are perched on top. A bit of a pity for us velomobilists that the road was initially forbidden for bicycles. So we had to follow the cycle path, which was not so easy to find and in places of poor quality and some tight bends.


Right at the beginning we did a short city tour through Kelheim. Later also through Riedenburg and Beilngries. There we treated ourselves to another ice cream, appropriately on a green and red chair. Then we continued north along the Main-Danube Canal in the Sulz valley. On the way, we deviated from the route once to take a closer look at Plankstetten Monastery. A mighty monastery complex that looked better from the road than up close. The inner courtyard was one huge construction site.


At Sulzkirchen, up the Schwarzach towards Nuremberg. This section was very good and without any traffic worth mentioning.


Finally, we only had to pass through Nuremberg from south to north. "Radsammler" from the VelomobilForum had laid out an efficient and beautiful route for us right through the city including the old town. We were afraid that we would have to ride through a big city in the evening rush hour. But it went absolutely smoothly. There was a good wide cycle path in many sections. Behind the old town we rolled through a park and always along the river to Fürth to our next host, also from the Velomobilforum.


He is an inveterate recumbent cyclist and France lover. So we didn't run out of things to talk about. The next morning he showed me how perfectly he controls his articulated bike, a Flevo Racer.


⬆️ Kelheim Befreiungshalle über der Altmühl / Kelheim Liberation Hall above the Altmühl River

⬆️ Riedenburg

⬆️ Kloster Plankstetten / Plankstetten Monastery

⬆️ Grenouille braucht mal eine Pause / Grenouille needs a break

⬆️ Riedenburg

⬆️ Pyrbaum Marktplatz / Pyrbaum marketplace

⬆️ Schleichweg durch die Altstadt Nürnbergs / Creeping through the old town of Nuremberg

⬆️ Marktplatz Nürnberg / Nürnberg Marketplace





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