Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Day 4)

DAY 4.


Achern - Sélestat


Ilona and Andreas welcomed us very warmly. We felt at home. The next day we wanted to cross the Rhine to Strasbourg on the Passerelle bridge near Kehl. There we drank a farewell coffee.



We then drove on to Strasbourg Cathedral on our own, took a few photos and then found our way out of the city. The further way led through smaller places in Alsace to Sélestat.


Shortly before Sélestat, my wife's Alpha 7 made a loud noise and then the rear wheel locked. After a quick look through the rear maintenance hatch, it was clear that the suspension mount was broken. This had to be fixed.


First of all, we had to find accommodation because it was already 4:00 P.M. It was almost 6 km to the next campsite. Since you could still push the velomobile, we walked and rolled the velomobile in front of us again. After a good hour we had reached the campsite.


Now only the transport of the defective velomobile had to be organized and clarified how the repair should go.


We should be able to do the repairs at Andreas and Ilona, and Andreas wanted to pick us up with a trailer.


In the Velomobile Forum I clarified for myself how the suspension could be repaired.


Passarelle/ Passerelle ⬆️

Münster ⬆️

Kleine Ortschaften / Small towns ⬆️

Störche auf dem Campingplatz / Storks at the campsite ⬆️



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