Velomobile Road Trip with Brigitte and Fritz (Intro)

We are excited to let you know that today we are starting an article series on our blog with Brigitte and Fritz, two velomobile enthusiasts from Germany that love to ride them for many years. Brigitte (1960) and Fritz (1962) started with tandem trips in 2011. Since 2018 they go on journeys with velomobiles. They decided to go on a road trip in May, this year. Fritz wanted to make a trip journal to document all the days, with the places that they visit and what challenges they face. We talked to Fritz and we agreed that it's a very good idea to share this journal with the velomobile community.


He already started to send us info from his trip and today we present you INTRO (preparations before the trip).

Now we let Fritz to talk. Enjoy and stay tuned!


INTRO. Preparations Day.


Velomobile Tetris



Before we can start, all the luggage has to be stowed in our two A7s as a test. At first glance, this looks as if it could not work at all.




But as you can see, it works. A lot more fits into such a velomobile than you initially think. We did our first two tours with the DF and the DF XL. In 2018 we drove through Scotland and in 2019 through Scandinavia. The amount of luggage looked similar. The A7 has a little less space at the back and in the scoop than the DF. But more in front of the wheel arch to the front and on the sides. This time we have things to wear with us, tent, stove, sleeping bags, camera stuff, spare parts, tools ...


This year we want to go to the mountains. We had this wish for a long time, to ride some passes in the Alps with the velomobile. We postponed it twice because of Corona.


Our rough route looks something like this ...


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