Velomobile World at Oliebollentocht (December 2022)

Hi, Jan here ...

Yes !!! The "Oliebollentocht" (Oliebollen Tour) is back. Unfortunately I couldn't participate in the last edition (May 2022), because it was not held between Christmas and New Year, but this time I want to participate.


I will participate in the 26th Oliebollentocht 2022 (28 December 2022, Utrecht) with a new Bülk velomobile, which I sold/gave to my father. My parents were visiting a couple of weeks ago and I showed them the factory. Between others, I had a talk with my father about the last 10 years, what has changed in the factory and about our velomobile models. In case you don't know, in October 2022 we had our 10 year party.


Back to the discussion with my father... he told me that he likes so much the new model Bülk, that I spontaneously kind of gave him one (with a very very strong discount). He will be also an ambassador for the Netherlands (more information about how you can become an ambassador, will come soon). Until then, take a look HERE at an example of ambassador page (still in development).


Unfortunately, today it rained, so I couldn't make nicer pictures, but below you can see what an ambassador's Bülk will look like.

*Click on the images to zoom



Videos from Oliebollentocht 2022 (May Edition) >>>


Have a nice day, see you soon!


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