Velonauts map

Discover all the details on this page and what is the idea behind the velonauts map. After you read all the details at the end of the page is an important button that will make this possible.

Lets grow and help the velomobile community

Text from video

“Hi, it’s Jan from and in today’s video I want ask you again some help.

A few of weeks ago I had on a comment on YouTube a question from a velomobile user, a velonaut, who said something like, can you make a velonaut locator in order new clients can find somebody in the area, where they can go to, have a talk, see their velomobile or it also helps to find eachother if you want to make a cycle tour together, so that’s what we made, so we made a form or we made a landing page where we explained what I tell now with more details and yeah, then we will build this velonaut locator in the coming months.

Thanks, see you next time, bye bye.”

What determined us to start this map as soon as possible

Recently a client of us (Lufftschwimmer) commented on a video from our YouTube channel:

“Grow the channel, … ok, growing velomobiles would be very nice… is there somewhere a List with Velomobile owners where could a Owner sign in, to let people test his models ?? I ride a DF XL and live in Germany, so if anybody is here in my neighborhood who wants to test a DF XL, and couldn’t find a dealer… just for volunteers.”


We also think it would be a great idea, that people who like to volunteer to give advice to people from their area, what is a velomobile, why it’s so great and other important details that an experienced velomobile user can offer, maybe also a test ride for the interested person, of course if it’s possible.


As the title says, our plan is to make a map and for this we need your address/location, of course we do NOT need the exact address of your house, only an approximation, like the city or an area of your city, so people can’t estimate where you live. They can only see that you are from a certain area, so they can contact you if they need help, then you set a meeting location with them. If you want you can leave an email or a phone number and what model of velomobile do you have.


The next step is to click on the green button to fill out the velonaut form, if you want to appear on this map. Thank you!


For more details you can send an email at [email protected]

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