[Video] Oliebollentocht (OBT) 2022 “Velomobile Meet”

The Oliebollentocht event was cancelled for 2 years in a row and after this period of time it finally took place again in Reuver, Netherlands and the weather was awesome. Again, this was a great opportunity for the owners of various velomobile models from all around western Europe to meet, talk, admire each other rides and then ride together on a 67 km tour through the surrounding countrysides. This was a beautiful event with a lot of colors.


Enjoy this video made by the owner of "Quest 818 Velomobile" YouTube Channel.



Quest 818 Velomobile:


"So I'm here today at the Oliebollentocht, in Reuver, Netherlands, it's about 150 velomobiles here today and it's an organized tour that normally happens every year in december and unfortunately it was postponed and moved around because of the Covid situation, but it's finally happening again it's first time in two years. There are velomobiles here from all Europe, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands.


Obviously you know we're americans but you know we didn't ride that far but yeah some people have ridden their velomobiles pretty far to get here, a lot of people have hauled them here on vehicles and trailers and things like that, but yeah, you see a big selection and there's a guy, "Roll Over America" trip, Johan, very cool.


Yeah, lots of bikes here, 150 people signed up, I'm not sure how many people actually showed up, but yeah it looks great. So we're going to go out for a ride together for about 67 kilometers, about 45 miles something like that.


All right, gotta get back to the bike, I guess that means we're getting ready to go, so ..."


Below is another video made at Oliebollentocht event, but this was made by Rüdiger Pracht. Enjoy also this one!



There are also pictures from this velomobile meet on the article below:



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