W9 Development | 18.03.2023


We have some great news about the W9, a new velomobile in the Alpha series and we want to give updates about the status of the development.


Daniel Fenn

Daniel built the molds and also the first bodywork. Below you can see some picture with the comparison between W9 and M9.

*more pictures at the end



Velomobile World

We have been hard working to make sure that a complete mold set is ready for production. In the week starting with 20 March we want to start laminating the first composite body for the W9 and we hope to deliver a test W9 at Daniel's place in the week of 10 April.

Details about W9 (product page) >>> 


You can see the W9 (yellow) is more arrow like, less blunt at the nose than the M9 (white); the distance between the light opening and the bonnet/nose opening is slightly closer with the W9. You can also see how much narrower it is as less space between the bonnet edge and the edge of the velomobile shell. - Andrew Allen, Velomobile Group (Facebook)



These photos give a better idea of the difference in storage space next to the rider between the M9 (with steering levers) and W9 (without steering levers). - Andrew Allen, Velomobile Group (Facebook)



More pictures



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