W9 News | May 2023


Hi, I'm Jan from and in the today's video I want to show you some progress of the W9.


Today we have two W9s here behind each other, this is number one, that's number two, number one is mine and we paint now two color scheme because I do like two colors and now we made pictures from the side because we want to design the stickers and we want also to have an ambassadorship program with the Alpha Series and we were realizing that the W9 it's really pointing (pointy) and we were thinking about a really nice movie in which it was talking about pointiness and rockets, I will show you in a moment.


[Watch the video to see the movie scene]


Yeah, that was funny.


So what we have to do still, so the stickers still... We have some feedback from Daniel from the SPEZI 2023, we had one W9 with us at the SPEZI. That one will be for Sven Kröll from Velomobile Nord. I think... Ah we need to develop still the dashboard for the W9 and actually for the whole series we want to make now a dashboard, so we will have here all the electronics, it will be an option, so for those who want it or those who don't want it, it will come on the old space, spot.


Yeah, we have some tiny things still to do, then we will send out a W9 to a couple of dealers, get some feedback and now it's mid May I think or beginning of May, um I hope to get some feedback in June and end of June we will deliver the first bikes to clients or the first W9s to clients.


I was checking lately the YouTube analytics and I saw that 60% of the people who watch our videos are not subscribed, so please subscribe, put the notifications ON, that will help us very much to grow the channel. Thank you very much if you do it, I hope you liked this video see you next time, bye.


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