We have improved / upgraded our factory


Hi, I'm Jan from Velomobile World, this week we put quite some solar panels on the roof of our factory, in total we have installed 80 kilowatts of solar panels.


So on this one, to the east, we have a little bit and to the west we have more panels. It's not perfectly aligned to the sun, but to make a complete installation to lift up the the panels was also very much material costs and yeah, so we made this investment because the rules are changed in Romania, now we can deliver back in the grid and previous that was not working so well, so now it's also financially beneficial to have solar panels, we can generate quite of our energy by ourselves, I hope this is enough for what we need, but we will see in a couple of months how the production is, we live in a very good country for solar energy because we have a lot of sun, also in the winter we have a lot of sun, so yeah we have a very good location for producing the electricity with solar panels.


Have fun, see you next time!


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