Stage 2 | My Journey

Stage 2 of My Journey: I read about velomobiles, but still I feel that they are not right for me.

Why is a velomobile expensive, or not?

Why is a velomobile so fast?

Is it safe to drive a velomobile?

Can I bring luggage on a velomobile?

Has a velomobile electric support?

Velomobiles can come with or without electric support, and it depends on the specific model and design. Traditional velomobiles (produced by Velomobile World) are entirely human-powered, meaning they rely solely on the rider’s pedaling efforts for propulsion. These velomobiles do not have an electric motor or any form of motorized assistance. But as you can see on the videos below there are some human-powered velomobile models that can be equipped with an electric motor.


The electric motor provides additional power to assist the rider’s pedaling efforts, making it easier to navigate hills or travel longer distances.  The electric-assist feature can be activated or deactivated by the rider, allowing for flexibility in how the velomobile is powered. Electric-assist velomobiles are particularly beneficial for riders who may face challenging terrain or those who want assistance during longer rides.


The choice between a human-powered or electric-assist velomobile depends on individual preferences, intended use, and the rider’s physical capabilities. Some riders prefer the pure human-powered experience, while others appreciate the added convenience and assistance provided by electric support, especially in hilly areas or for commuting longer distances.

Riding in the cold and rain.

Can I have a velomobile test ride?

YES, of course you can have a velomobile test ride before you decide to buy one. Actually, we recommend to have a test ride before you make this step. Around the world we have a lot of dealers and ambassadors that can help you with this. When you are ready just contact the nearest one and book your test ride.

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