Stage 3 | My Journey

Stage 3 of My Journey: I’m ready to order my velomobile, I have all the details that I need.

Model selection: which velomobile model is right for me?

How to choose the perfect color for your velomobile.

How to choose the perfect gearing.

Do I fit in my dream velomobile? We need some measurements from you.

Do you want to know if you would fit in your dream velomobile or not? With our years of experience, we can help advise you on whether you would fit into your dream velomobile or if we think you should consider a different velomobile to buy. In order we can give you this advices, we need a couple of measurements from you.


Hit the button below to see how to make the measurements or book a call with Jan if you need help.

Are you from European Union? Details how to order.


Choose the right velomobile model for you and your needs (don’t forget about the measurements!)



Use the configurator, found on every model page, to choose the desired characteristics or extra options for your velomobile. Remember that sending the configurations to us it’s not the actual order, we use it to create and send you a quotation based on your options. After you receive the answer from us, we can discuss further info before we continue to the next step on the road for your velomobile.



The last step is to get you in touch with your local dealer. We have a list of salespoints/local dealers locations, in different countries, so finding the best solution for you is a matter of time. Here you can see a velomobile in front of your eyes and have a drive test to feel the experience with this special vehicle. After establishing all the details, we will start building your velomobile according to your requirements.

Are you from USA, Canada or Rest of the World? Details how to order.

Discover the dealers from European Union, USA and Rest of the World.

Hit the button below to discover the list with dealers and ambassadors that can help you.

Sales person for USA.

Ben Parke | Northland Velo (Minnesota, USA)

Email: [email protected]


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