Stage 5 | My Journey

Stage 5 of My Journey: I have owned a velomobile for some time and I have a strong connection with it.

Do you provide technical support for my velomobile model?

We have a special page dedicated to technical support, where you can find videos, exploded views and other useful resources for various velomobile models.

I want to make long rides and trips. How can I prepare for this?

Some while ago we started an article series on our blog with Brigitte and Fritz, two velomobile enthusiasts from Germany that love to ride them for many years. Brigitte (1960) and Fritz (1962) started with tandem trips in 2011. Since 2018 they go on journeys with velomobiles. They decided to go on a road trip in May, 2022. Fritz wanted to make a trip journal to document all the days, with the places that they visited and what challenges they faced. We talked to Fritz and we agreed that it’s a very good idea to share this journal with the velomobile community. In the summer of 2023 was the time for another trip, this time heading to other spectacular places.

I want to participate in sport competition or record rides. How can I prepare for this?

If you want to learn about velomobile sport competitions or record rides, then you have to meet Holger Seidel. He has an expertise of almost forty years of cycling experience. At the beginning he competed as a sprinter in track cycling and later in mountain biking. In addition, he has travelled the world on cycle tours lasting several months. For many years, his focus has been on long-distance cycling. He has competed in numerous brevets (distances from 200 to over 1,000 km), including the long-distance Paris-Brest-Paris race over 1,200 km.


In 2022 and 2023, Holger had two record attempts and he offered a lot of details about his preparations, a video journal and other interesting info. Discover them below.

I want to make some customizations to my velomobile. Can I do this?

Where can I get spare parts?

1) You can order velomobile parts from dealers. Search your local or nearest dealer HERE.

2) You can order velomobile/bike spare parts from online bike shops.

3) You can order velomobile spare parts from our store here.

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