A New Velomobile: Bülk 4 More

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Dear velomobile friends and interested parties,


Today, April 6, 2024, we would like to introduce you to a new velomobile. It was really difficult for us to keep the developments and planning for this velomobile secret. Now we are finally ready to present this new vehicle at SPEZI 2024. Some initial prototypes have been tested for a longer time.


Development started at the end of 2022 and was influenced by the war in Ukraine, high inflation and the recession.


The demand for high-priced velomobiles had declined and so the idea of a “people’s velomobile” was born. Affordable also for younger people and generally for more people: hence the name Bülk for More.


The new vehicle should not only be affordable for more people, but also have features that enable more universal use.

Here is the concept in detail:

Intro Bülk 4 More

1) The 90/60 philosophy

We asked ourselves: what really counts in a velomobile? What mainly creates the wow effect of a velomobile and how can we create a velomobile that retains 90% of this wow effect but only costs 60% of a premium velomobile?
60% costs with 90% driving fun and functionality: a big challenge!!


The Bülk 4 More is based on the successful world record-setting velomobile Bülk MK1 and adopts a large proportion of its features.

for younger people also

Also suitable for younger people

2) The differences to the Bülk MK1

The Bülk 4 More adopts the aerodynamic design of the Bülk MK1. Furthermore, all modular expansions and adaptive options of the MK1 are fully compatible with the 4 more (adapter for the headrest, hoods, hook module, lighting systems, hotspot). The modular concept is and remains identical and all future expansions will therefore be usable in both vehicles.

Do you want to know more details about this new model, you wonder if this is the right one for you or do you have questions about ordering? Ben Parke (Northland Velo dealership) from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is your contact point, he will be happy to help you.

His email address is ➡️ [email protected]

Schedule consult with Ben

The differences

➡️ The Bülk 4 more is mainly made of GRP and no longer in CFRP. On average, the vehicle/driver system weight will be around 2.5% higher.
➡️ The vehicle only has a 1×11 gear transmission as standard, which is sufficient for 90% of all applications.
➡️ In the basic equipment there is only one STVO-approved plug-in light with brake light function (80 lux headlight).
➡️ Front frame and mono swingarm are made of aluminum and no longer made of carbon.
➡️ The body is no longer painted, but foiled.
➡️ By simplifying the internal structure and enlarging the service hatches, production becomes significantly easier and cheaper.

But there are also conceptual differences

The Bülk 4 More should not only become more widespread due to its low price, but also due to its increased suitability for everyday use.

➡️ It has open wheel arches at the front. This means it can drive much tighter radii and cope better in city traffic. We have found that the slightly reduced top speed due to the open wheel arches does not play any role for the vast majority of customers and applications, as it is only noticeable above speeds of 45 km/h.

➡️ With the front wheels now level with the outer skin, the wheel arches in the interior can be made about 8 cm narrower. This means that the driver has 4 cm more space for his thighs and calves on each side. This significantly expands the range of possible buyers.

➡️ The 4 More has about 3 cm more ground clearance. With this and in conjunction with the smaller turning circle, it also copes well off-road and on very poor roads.

➡️ Driving stability in curves is not impaired because the track width is now 69 cm (due to the wheels on the outside), which more than compensates for the lift.

➡️ In the 4 More, the chain tunnel on the underbody was placed about 1 cm lower compared to the MK1. The hook protuberances on the underbody were given 1.5 cm more space. With these measures, the size limit was noticeably increased.

In our experience, it plays a big role for customers how low maintenance, but also how easy it is for the customer to be able to carry out maintenance or repairs. That’s why the 4 More is designed so that customers can do it themselves much more easily. The following changes have been made for this:

1) Large rear service hatch

The service flap has been greatly enlarged to allow better work on the rear derailleur, shock absorber and cassette.

2) The front has an oversized service flap, which makes it easier to reach the luggage compartments, service the gears and crankset or even retrofit an engine. We also thought of the dealers, who can now work almost like on an open tricycle thanks to the already huge entry hatch together with the new huge service hatch at the front.

3) The transverse tunnel shaft can be opened on the underbody, giving you good access to the chassis.

4) As with velomobiles with open wheel arches, you can change the wheel or service the brake system by simply removing a central screw.

5) The front pulley is suspended on one side and allows for simplified assembly of the chain or replacement of the pulley.


6) The water tank on the hood hinge has a simplified and maintenance-free water drainage.


7) The lighting system consists of a high-quality clip-on light from Sigma Sport with 80 lux. The rear light also has a brake light function. Both have a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but can also be combined with a power bank.

There is no need for any internal wiring in the vehicle and anyone who has a lighting system defect can have a replacement device delivered from anywhere in the world via Amazon or similar. This eliminates the risk of a lighting system defect and all its complex repair measures for dealers and customers.

Of course, a standard lighting system or a hotspot can also be ordered for the vehicle.

In summary: Maintenance, expansion, repair as well as production and initial assembly are greatly simplified and also enable easier remote maintenance.


We are pleased to introduce you to this innovative vehicle! The main aim of this development was to reach or generate new groups of buyers with our offering and to accelerate the spread of velomobiles.

Ultimately, this also creates another intelligent component of the mobility transition.


Your Velomobile World team.

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