A New Velomobile Model: Bülk Urban

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Dear velomobile friends and interested parties,


We would like to introduce you to the Bülk Urban velomobile.

What target group does this new Bülk Urban vehicle have?


The concept of the Bülk Urban is a derivative of the successful Bülk-MK1 and largely adopts its driving efficiency.


In addition, there is now a significantly smaller turning circle, more space for tall and heavy drivers and better access to technology thanks to significantly larger service hatches.


This makes the Bülk Urban more universal and even more suitable for everyday use.

Bülk Urban
Bülk Urban

Do you want to know more details about this new model, you wonder if this is the right one for you or do you have questions about ordering? Ben Parke (Northland Velo dealership) from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA is your contact point, he will be happy to help you.

His email address is ➡️ [email protected]

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1) The Bülk Urban adopts the aerodynamic shape of the Bülk MK1

We see small changes to the lower part of the rear. The biggest difference, however, is the now open wheel arches at the front. This allows the front wheels to be approx. 4 cm further out on each side, which means the front wheels can be turned further and the turning circle becomes smaller. The increased maneuverability led us to the name – Urban: this maneuverability is particularly useful in the city.


The open wheel arches at the front increase the drag coefficient slightly, but this is only noticeable at top speed and at speeds above 40 km/h. The outside front wheels make the track approx. 10 cm wider: this means the Urban can corner at very high speeds.


Research has shown that most drivers move in an average speed range of 30-35 km/h. This means that they travel at a cruising speed of approximately 40 km/h. In this area, the aerodynamic difference to the Bülk MK1 is not relevant; The higher cornering speed due to the larger track width leads to even better driving dynamics. The Urban may even have advantages on winding terrain and in the mountains.

Bülk Urban details
Bülk Urban details

2) The Urban has more space

Due to the external front wheels, the wheel arches in the driver’s compartment shrink by around 4 cm on each side. This makes space between the wheel arches and strong drivers can develop here.
The heel protuberances on the underbody are 2 cm larger. This means that longer cranks or taller drivers can crank without collisions with the body.


The stiffening structure behind and next to the seat, as we know it in the Bülk MK1, is no longer used: the seat back inclination is no longer adjusted using stackable foam panels, but rather using an adjustable rope, which is held centrally on a hook at the back of the seat.


This makes the vehicle lighter and creates more undivided space for luggage in the vehicle. As in the Bülk MK1, the seat can be quickly adjusted in its position on the floor of the vehicle in 6 positions without tools.


The Urban’s chain tunnel has been extended downwards by 10 mm. Drivers with longer legs now have space.

Overall, these measures have noticeably increased the size limit for drivers.

3) The modular concept of the Bülk MK1 remains fully intact

All modular expansions and adaptive options of the MK1 remain fully compatible with the Bülk Urban. (Adapter for the headrest, hoods, hook module, lighting systems, hotspot). The modular concept is and remains identical and all future expansions will therefore be usable in both vehicles.


The modular concept has proven to be very successful with the Bülk MK1: it includes very simple, quick and tool-free adjustment to different driver sizes, so that one vehicle can be used by several people.

4) More off-road capability

The Urban has more ground clearance than the MK1. This means it can move better on bad paths and off paved slopes.

5) Easy access to technology thanks to oversized service flaps

In our experience, it plays a big role for customers how low maintenance, but also how easy it is for the customer to be able to carry out maintenance or repairs.


That’s why the urban is designed so that customers can do it themselves much more easily. The following changes have been made for this:

➡️ Large rear service hatch

The service flap has been greatly enlarged to allow better work on the rear derailleur, shock absorber and cassette.

Bülk Urban details (large rear service hatch)

➡️ The front has an oversized service flap

This makes it easier to reach the luggage compartments, service the gears and crankset or even retrofit an engine. We also thought of the dealers, who can now work almost like on an open tricycle thanks to the already huge entry hatch together with the new huge service hatch at the front. The large bonnet will be available at the start of series production.

Bulk Urban service flap

➡️ The transverse tunnel shaft on the underbody can be opened, giving you good access to the chassis.

➡️ As with velomobiles with open wheel arches, you can change the wheel or service the brake system by simply removing a central screw.

Bülk Urban details (wheel arches)

➡️ The front pulley is suspended on one side and allows for easier assembly of the chain or replacement of the pulley.


➡️ The water tank on the hood hinge has a simplified and maintenance-free water process.

In summary: Maintenance, expansion, repair as well as production and initial assembly are greatly simplified and also enable easier remote maintenance.


As with the Bülk MK1, the body, seat, hoods and modular adapters are made of carbon. This means the Urban has a total weight of just 24 kg, making it one of the lightest velomobiles.

The Bülk Urban is fast, light, extremely suitable for everyday use and universally applicable.

We are sure that with it we have created another intelligent building block for the mobility transition.


Your Velomobile World team.

Bülk Urban

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