Brake Maintenance | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance


Brake Maintenance | Alpha Series Velomobile Maintenance

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Hi, it's Jan from and we gonna make nice maintenance videos about the Alpha models. Let's see how we do it.


So in the today's video we want to show you how to do maintenance on your front brakes, how to grind it, how to lubricate these parts and that's it for this video.


What you can do, what happens if it gets really dirty and oily here, there is a beautiful tool, you can get it from and ... so what you do is, you push it on, it's easy to push the suspension on the table so you have stability and you grind it, so you push the break and you grind it. It's easier if you would clamp this in a vise, but as I say every time, I want to show doing maintenance with less tools as possible in order you can see that you can do it at home with relatively less tools. So that's about grinding the... cleaning and grinding up. Never put... make sure you don't put grease here, make sure this stays really clean.


If you wanna, for example, put some oil here on the axes, you need to replace these washers and I see that I have here two washers lying around and accidentally they are the right ones. On the exploded views you can see which type you need, they are Universal Stern washers (Lock Washers), I guess they are called. These ones you can get pretty much everywhere, but make sure they are from stainless steel, because they will rust like maniacs, if you don't take the steel ones.


So what you can do, here we have some copper grease, because you get quite some heat and if you have normal vaseline that might run out faster, but also normal vaseline will work, to put some vaseline there. Put some vaseline there. If you see like if this goes like woop like that, that slowly it goes back, then it's a good idea to grease this axle in here and take off this, so that I will show you now.


To take off a stern (lock) washer like this, it's um... this stern washer will be... you can throw it away after this, it's not safe to reuse stern (lock) washers, so I don't take care to take it off in a nice matter, I just take it off and I take a small screwdriver... and then my phone is ringing which is often doing the whole day. So this is also not what I'm doing whole day long and picking up more phones than doing maintenance, so I have to also sometimes look again how I do things. So here you can put some copper grease or clean it up in case of it's, let's say, rusty, you can clean this up and put some copper grease or some Teflon spray and...


So this is from stainless steel and this is from igus so normally it's not gonna rust, but it can happen that you have some aggressive salt and there is still somewhere somewhat steel fragment somewhere and you can get some dirt and rust, so it's good to clean this up, put some fine Teflon spray on it, make sure that you don't spray your brake pads, which are lying there, put it back in and then I have to look, there is a short side and a long side, and I forgot how to do it, I will come back to you now.


So you can see here we have a little space and here it's aligned with the outside, so this one first you out back this cover if you have one, some people don't want to have it, then you put this one in, so with that part then you make sure you have no grease on your fingers, it's not so great for your braking performance.


Ok, then start here, then you push up the second one and then you need a bit of force to push it on, you push it on and you check it, if these springs are good and then you take these new stern (lock) washers and you push them on. As you can see I don't work that often anymore with my hands, so that's a good example because majority of our clients are not doing this kind of jobs every day, so they are also struggling sometimes a bit.


So I found a ... something like this, then I... Oh, that went pretty well. Being surprised of myself because nobody gives me compliments here, so I thought to give myself a compliment today. You have to find a bit some tools and ... So this one I push still a bit in. Then put back this one... The washer... So make sure it's tight and then you check everything.


Yeah, that's it for this video. If you liked the video, please put a thumbs up, subscribe, let a comment behind and see you next time, bye bye.

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