Heading to the Midnight Sun (Day 23)

Heading to the Midnight Sun. A Velomobile Trip with Brigitte and Fritz.

Germany > Denmark > Norway > North Cape (Nordkapp) > Finland > Germany


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Day 23 | Valsøya - Størsand


After our sit-in in the warm kitchen, we eventually made our way to our tent, satiated and hydrated. I slept great straight away and was then awoken at three o'clock by a fierce wind with stronger gusts. Rain on the tent makes me sleep well, while Biggi can stay awake well. The foot of the tent was a bit under the tree, so I checked again to make sure nothing could happen. The velomobiles were right next to the kitchen and didn't move. Actually, we had been allocated an unacceptable tent site right next to the large rubbish container. Moreover, it was elevated and fully exposed to the wind. We had quietly positioned ourselves directly in front of the warm kitchen and protected from the wind. After the stormy night, we walked the few metres to the kitchen in the morning and made breakfast. Then I glued the tiller to the universal joint. So far it's holding well. I am confident. Only the tent got wet today. The rest we had in the kitchen and dried in the dryer. Cheeting. From the forecast we were expecting rain. But it did not come.


We could drive quite fast for the conditions. Up and down, but often the momentum was enough for the next flat climb. Mountains and sea were often covered by clouds. But everything but rain was great.


A long flat climb into the commune of the orcs. An insanely long descent. In between, a bit of downpour. Lunch break at Kafe Dromedar in ORKanger. I had already mentioned that the orcs are looking for a partner. Biggi had pre-booked a hut in anticipation of bad weather this time.


There is a quiet side road from Orkanger to Trondheim. Very good to drive. Typical Ork house.


Fjord location is good I would say.


Some cyclists came to meet us.


In Trondheim I had looked for a bike shop. The chainring bolts on the green Alpha were not the best length. One had come off two days ago and was no longer gripping properly. "Trondheim Sykkelservice" makes a good impression and the boss is quite knowledgeable. They knew what we were riding straight away. Only the cranks from @TitanWolf he found questionable, because they couldn't be handled with a normal puller. But we didn't let them get away with it. After an hour of tinkering, we went out again. I was a bit offended that they didn't seem to be interested in our VMs. But no idea or jealous. Or at least one comes every day.


Unfortunately, we didn't see much of the city.


The cathedral and a few typical little houses. In any case, the screws are ok now. That's worth something too.




⬆️ Tiller repairs / Pinnenreparaturen / Réparation du timon

⬆️ Good weather - dry / Gutes Wetter - trocken / Beau temps - sec

⬆️ Fjord and Mountains in fog / Fjord und Berge im Nebel / Fjord et montagnes dans le brouillard

⬆️ Wedding market for Orcs (joke that function only in German, I think) / Hochzeitsmarkt für Orks (ein Witz, der nur auf Deutsch funktioniert, glaube ich) / Marché du mariage pour les orques (blague qui ne fonctionne qu'en allemand, je crois)

⬆️ Orcs house. Norwegian traditional house it should be. It’s in Orkanger kommune of Orkland. / Orks Haus. Ein norwegisches Traditionshaus sollte es sein. Es liegt in der Gemeinde Orkanger in Orkland. / La maison des orques. Il devrait s'agir d'une maison traditionnelle norvégienne. Elle se trouve dans la commune d'Orkanger, dans l'Orkland.

⬆️ Good Fjord view from the house / Gute Aussicht auf den Fjord vom Haus aus / Belle vue sur le fjord depuis la maison

⬆️ Good Fjord view from the house / Gute Aussicht auf den Fjord vom Haus aus / Belle vue sur le fjord depuis la maison

⬆️ Cyclist on tour / Radfahrer auf Tour / Cycliste en tournée

⬆️ Good way to Trondheim / Ein guter Weg nach Trondheim / Bonne route pour Trondheim

⬆️ Trondheim houses / Trondheim Häuser / Maisons de Trondheim



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